And here it is and I hate you both.

So fate decided I should be the owner of a treadmill.

Not quite sure how Sr. B and I will get it into our house but it’s too late now.

I thought I’d throw in the opening bid on a spiffy tready going cheap and see if I got it.

I did. :/

I don’t want it to sound like I regret it, because I don’t.

In fact, I was so excited just thinking about it last night I couldn’t get to sleep!

The other thing it’s motivated me to do is start up the Couch to 5k’s again. They’ve got podcasts with bpm music to help you through.

I just figure people who run and people who are skinny. I want to be one of those people.

Let’s hope no one dies in the moving fiasco – will report back.

P.S – my waxer was FANTASTIC! no lopsideds and a complimentary shot of butterscotch schnapps. Beat that!

P.P.S – triple points to who can guess (without googling) the post title quote.



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