The train’s full, you weirdo! Sit the eff down!

This morning, I’m on the train during peak hour on my way to work.

I’m standing in the centre of the aisle midway through the carriage.

I knew people would be getting off at the next station, so I readied myself to pounce on an empty seat.

To my (and the others standing with me) luck, 3 women all got up and one from the same long seat and hopped off the train.

I thought “I’ll hang back and let these other 2 get in so I get to sit on the aisle seat”.

The other two file in and I plonk myself down in spot no. 3, middle lady plonks down in spot no. 2, window lady is standing there fanning her seat with her hand.

She looks sheepishly at us and says “The seat’s warm”.

Well, no shit,  Sherlock! You just watched someone vacate that seat 15 seconds ago!

Now this is something I discovered during my time in China (yes, for all new players, I lived in China for 3 years). They were all convinced that if you sat down while the seat was still warm you would get cootees or bum germs or something. Apparently, if you wave your hand at it for 10 seconds, it scares the germs away and you’ll be safe.

Urgh! So annoying.

Not that it really affects me. She can stand waving her seat for all eternity for all I care. Doesn’t make my relaxation any less comfortable.

I just hate things that are completely illogical.

If anyone can shed an ounce of proof that fanning a luke-warm train seat (or any seat for that matter) rids it of cootees, I will eat my hat.. or some extra pizza… or maybe that gelato that’s calling my name…….


Sit down and take you butt germs quietly and without complaint like the rest of us!



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