Champagne and razorblades

It’s been one of those days.

Up, down, up, down.

Sore bum, throat, quads, biceps… the throat isn’t from the gym, just in case you were wondering…

Feeling really inadequate to do my job, then getting praise from assignment feedback, candidates withdrawing, new ones ringing. OMG. I need a drink!

Perhaps need is not the word – desperately want to drown myself in a bath of butterscotch schnapps… and melted cheese… mmm, cheese…

Weigh in on Friday.

There’s even a caramel chunky KitKat sitting in my fridge…

I found a new waxer today. I was going to Ella Bache and paying way too much for a lop-sided bikini wax leaving me looking a little more “Movember” than I should be…

Let’s hope this new one is better, they’re supposed to be specialists for it so I figure I might as well give it a try because there’s nothing worse than having a hairy lip.

Speaking of, it’s the last day of Movember today:

1. Sr. B is very excited about getting rid of his itchy, 70’s porn star mo’.

2. There’s a mo-party celebration thing on tonight at Luna Park but apparently thunderstorms and heavy rain are due in the next hour or so, so I’m not sure if being soggy and sober outdoors tonight is what I’m really looking for.

You know what? Even my Jonathan Cainer horoscope today was pretty ambiguous – I live by that guys predictions.

What is going on?!




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