It’s all downhill from here..

I’m full. Like, I need a nap kinda full.

It all started yesterday when:

1. I told Sgt. Burpee that I was feeling unwell, which was kinda true.

2. A girlfriend had broken up with her other half and needed a wine and a whine.

3. I have no self control.

So during the afternoon I get said phone call from distraught friend, I offer consolation in the form of food, alcohol and an ear to vent into. Being the good friend I asked, “Any dinner requests?” to which she replied “I hear you make a pretty mean nachos”.

Who was I to argue? The girl was in distress!

I though I better add some chocolate, vodka and cider just to wash it down (considering Sr. B wasn’t going to be at home, I could get away with it).

When I arrived home, I was understandably starving so I thought I’d better make a pizza as a pre-dinner snack. In my defence, I only served half of it as an entree. I didn’t want to ruin my appetite or anything…

I slept very well last night knowing I didn’t have to weigh in this morning AND I had left over pizza for breakfast.

The only downside to this story is none of it contained chilli. How do y’all do it? Live a little!

So I started today armed with 2 slices of cold pizza and a butterscotch espresso chiller (don’t look at me like that, skinny milk and no cream so it doesn’t count!) which eased the pain of knowing 3 of our jobs fell through and I was going to have to call the unlucky candidates.

Being Friday, we have office pub lunch as a tradition. I noticed potato wedges on the menu, which I’ve been craving since forever. I wasn’t going to be ‘unhealthy’ so I had squid with thai salad as a main and only ate about 3/4’s of the wedges the table agreed to share. Plus 2 glasses of white wine so I could wipe away any memory of this morning.

Suddenly, I’m not feeling so crash hot and am in desperate need of a nap.



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