Silver lining? Clouds?

What do you want first, the good or the bad?

Well let’s keep it the way I like it (it’s my blog so I suppose you don’t really have a say in it).

BAD stuff: Aside from me feeling like death warmed up this morning, my manager walks into our office today and starts up an open conversation about crap (well, not literally). Somehow, this coversation isn’t intended to include me. The other two girls in the office got to put their two cents in about the topic, though neither had any experience in the matter. This was met with great enthusiasm by my manager. I, who does have some knowledge on the topic, was not consulted or even so much as glanced my way for any input. Please note, it’s happening about 5 feet from my desk in an open plan office!

For someone who loves to talk, it really frustrates me that I’m left out of these conversations, particularly if I have something worthwhile to say about it. I don’t know why. My mum used to say to me “but why do you care what they think?” I don’t, but I just want to be part of the group – you know?

In an attempt to not look like my parent’s dog when he get’s left outside and does the stalker stare at you through the glass sliding door, I logged onto my email to see what was happening in the world outside work… which leads me to:

GOOD stuff: I got the results back from my assignment I sent in yesterday!

And it was good 🙂

 Achieved Competency

Congratulations Myeverythinghurts –  This is an excellent pass

You have submitted a strong assignment that demonstrates good understanding of the ethical issues in this case study

 Well done

 You have effectively demonstrated the skills and knowledge to meet the performance criteria specific to the unit.

So hats off to me and up your bum with a rubber thumb to the rest! 😛


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