Promised Sr. B…

Promisied Sr. Bachata I would also post this recipe as he loved it and I’m not someone who ‘cooks’..not that this is really cooking..

Turkish Chicken Sandwiches.

1 x Turkish Bread
1 x Tzatziki dip
1 x Spicy Capsicum dip
1 x leftover Roast Chicken (shredded)
1 x tasty cheese (grated)
1 x jalapenos (diced)
1 x spinach
1 x mushrooms
2 x cloves garlic (crushed)
2 x tbs seeded mustard
2 x butter chunks

1. So, I threw 2 tbs of butter into a saucepan, following i wilted the spinach, mushroom and warmed up the roast chook pieces while I was drinking a G&T, when almost done, added crushed garlic and mustard.

2. Toasted outside up desired pieces of turkish bread

3. On one side, smeared tzatziki and grated tasty cheese. The other spread with spicy capsicum and layered chicked/spinach/mushroom goop. Top with sliced jalapenos.

4. Toast til all looking yummy.

5. Put yummy ends together.

6. Eat.

Be warned, I tore the roof of my mouth with it’s deliciousness… and it’s now been devoured and therefore have no photographic evidence of it (I was starving!)

I thought this all seeemed pretty logical but via Sr. B, some men don’t understand how easy and yummy toasted turkish breads can be; or how gormet the can look when cut into nice wedges…

Anyway, a few too many beverages in, I’m no use to add anything useful to this blog.

If one man can manage to impress a girl via a tasty and cheesy toasted turkish bread, my work here is done!

Happy Sunday, y’all!



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