Lest we forget

Rememberance Day – everytime I take the minutes silence, I cry. Even well before my brother in law was injured, even before I really knew anything about the atrocities of war. I can only imagine how strong this minute can be for people who lost their partners, fathers or loved ones while in battle. I don’t imagine it gets any easier to deal with as the years go by, when you have 60 whole seconds to dedicate your being to the souls of others lost.

Phew. Had to take a minute there to compose myself and reapply the makeup. Don’t want to be too dramatic at work. Though apparently, my mum is proud of me doing it. At least that’s one win for the day…

So. Updates on stuff.

1. Teeth. It appears the cavity was not a cavity, in fact, it was the smaller brother of the hiding chilli flake. How embarrassing. Not to mention the fact I must have looked like the world’s biggest hypochondriac and paid much more than I should have… would have been a better investment to go buy an electric toothbrush instead. hmph.

2. Sgt. Burpee. Well, he certainly lived up to his name this morning! After making me do a 1 minute plank (after 20 minutes of torture) he decides to place 6 x 1kg weights on my back; for each one that falls while I’m holding the plank = 10 x burpees. Needless to say there was not going to be so much as a fart coming from me! With 3 seconds to go, the bugger pushes one off!!! I was not pleased. Nor were my screaming arms, shoulders, abs or thighs. I did it diligently. It sucked.

So the final decision about whether to stay or go came yesterday. Sr. B told me he’d found a gym close to home with a 3 months for $300 kind of deal. They have weights classes in the morning and he’s keen as mustard to go himself (well, he was yesterday, more of that in a sec) and has promised me he will get up at 6am twice a week and come to work out with me. We shall see. So to come to the point of this, I sent in the official letter to the manager of the gym and he was quite nice about it, told me my last date and asked about Sgt’s performance. I gave him a thumbs up review.

To elaborate on Sr. B, he went yesterday to an ‘assessment’ appointment with the new gym. They took the measurements and told him about the evils of being fat and enjoying yourself and that they could provide the solution. Of course. So his little asian trainer took him around the weights and developed a program for him of 15-20 reps x 4 sets. Being only an introduction, they only did 1 set of each.

Boy was there some whinging this morning!

I’ve been told over the last month or so about how much easier it is to do a weights session than it is to do a boxing class. I’ve been disagreeing and my Elvis-like legs have been backing me up. Finally, there’s some sweet revenge!

I happily taunted away, telling him “Imagine how bad it will be after you have to do ALL 4 sets with only a 30 second break between!?” Surely, I’m allowed to do it for just one day?

All in all, it looks like 2012 will be our year to actually find some balance between being responsible and being indulgent. I’m determined because I hate having to change outfit 5 times before I leave the house because my stomach flab won’t behave and I’m sure Sr. B is sick of me tickling his stomach from the  left at the bottom of his shirts.

So what are we doing to celebrate this new discovery, I hear you ask? Well, we’re heading out to the healthiest place I know for dinner: Lowenbrau! We have a hankering for all this cardiac infarct producing and washing it down with flavoured beer!

Oh well, we can start back on Monday, right?


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