I’ve come to clean ze pool!

Sr. B is doing Movember and even though I was the one who registered him, I didn’t really think much of it. A week in now and I’m starting to see a bit of 70’s pornstar appear on his upper lip. Funnily, he’s got in to it and informed me last night about mustache grooming etiquette, who knew facial hair could be so complicated!? In response I did go into the difficulties of a brazilian wax and why women need to fork out $ so that someone else can do it.

After our hairy conversation, I asked Sr. B about my wisdom tooth that had been nagging me and whether he could actually see it or not (as it could well be a figment of my imagination, or perhaps, a piece of churrasco from a few weeks back). After finding some new functions on his camera phone and blinding me with the bedside lamp, Sr. B caught a photo of the offending tooth who was harbouring some goodies.

One was indeed the corner of a new tooth growing where it shouldn’t be. The other was a surprise, a large black dot, not unlike a felt tip pen, in the centre of my left, lower rear molar. Sr. B tried to get at it with the ends of a tweezer, I freaked. Partly because I know where it’s been – excavating ingrowns – and partly because I hate the feeling of something pointy being jabbed in a tooth cavity (because so many people love it).

I suggested I head to the bathroom to suss it out myself. Some brushing later, turns out it was a piece of chilli from dinner who was hiding out. I squawked out my triumph that I was right and he was wrong before heading to sleep.

Sure enough, karma came back to bite me on the bum this morning. It seems the chilli wasn’t just hiding, it was smuggling a fugitive! Under the lodged chilli, I failed to see the tiny black pinprick of a cavity living in that same tooth.

So I now have organised an appointment with the dentist in half an hour for them to poke and prod all the painful areas of my mouth and then stretch out their latex-gloved hand and request a pound of flesh and my first born child. Well actually, I think I’d be happier to part with both those things than the exorbitant amount of money they charge…

I scared the bejesus out of myself watching extractions of wisdom teeth so now I’m really shaking in my boots about the whole thing… I never used to be scared of the dentist – now I am.

Wish me luck!




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