Why is it that everytime I make a decision, I suddenly have a bout of ‘second guessedness’?

Doesn’t matter what it is, chicken turkish bread, gym memberships, a pair of shoes, I seem to think i’ve made the wrong choice (hence why I always make Sr. Bachata order food I like so I can have the joy of eating 2 different things in one sitting).

Earlier this week, I’d made the decision that I was going to cancel my membership with Sgt. Burpee as my credit card is looking unhealthy and well, I’m lazy and doing the thing I mentioned up there… It’s not that I can’t see results, my body has changed since I started going and I actually wake up at 6am twice a week and diligently haul my ass to the gym to feel like I’m going to die.

Today when I went to ‘give my notice’, Sgt. was actually quite good about it. He did offer me this, that and the other but he said: “In the end it’s your choice”. Now I’m not so sure about anything.. Will I fall back into my old habits again? Will I end up spending my exercise money on Bridget Jones’ undies? What if I end up with the same figure as my mum, but at half her age?!

I replied to Sgt. by asking for a bit of ‘thinking time’ to argue with myself about what I do. I mean, I dance 3 nights a week and we did fork out for those boxing gloves… That said, we all know that Sr. B and I love to indulge any chance we get – I like to call it ‘love eating’ and you know, we work it off in other ways… 😉

So I’ve given myself until Friday morning (weigh in day) to come to a conclusion, I suspect there’ll be much to-and-fro-ing between now and then but I’ll try to keep you out of it as no one else cares enough about it.

In lighter news, Sr. B and I did our first lesson of Argentine Tango last night. How is this for good karma? We bought one of the internet deal thingies – $39 fo 6 weeks of Tango and turns out we’re the only 2 in the class! For those of you who dance, you know a private lesson costs between $60-120/hour so for us to get this deal, it’s approximately $6.5/hour. I do feel a bit bad for my teacher as I’m sure he’s losing money on us – so we tried extra hard to get it right!

Flitty has somehow figured out how to open the bedroom door at night and sneak into bed… I suspect it’s not so much her as Sr. B going for a wee and not closing it – but he vehemently denies it. I wake up around 6 to find Flitty looking very content snuggled in on my left, my contorted body sandwiched in the middle and Sr. B flopped about the other 2/3 of the bed with a quiet snore and a gift of dribble on the corner of my pillow which I’m sure you can imagine, I just love rolling on to…


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