Salads ahoy

So Friday’s fiascos worked out in our favour. Flitty apparently was the picture of well-behaved-ness for the vet – pfft! Very likey indeed, I’m sure she’s just buttering the vet up so she can get extra noms when she heads off to Xmas Kitty Kamp while we drive to Melbourne for a week. That all said, she was exceptionally cute yesterday while watching David Attenborough on the telly and she wanted a cuddle but got so caught up with the owlets and polar bears her head was almost ‘Exorcist’ style!

Sr. Bachata made the yummiest pork belly over the weekend, which won’t be appearing in my food diary, but we had it for dinner on Saturday night and in cold, bitesized pieces for dinner on Sunday. Could life get any better?

So in an attempt to negate all the bad eatings that were had on the weekend (which I blame Flitty for) this week at work is going to be salads, greek yoghurt and protein shakes. Le sigh. The upside being I may, for once, not get in trouble with my trainer on Friday morning weigh in. But I doubt it.

Have any of you seen Julie & Julia? I thoroughly enjoyed it!

One day, I told Sr Bachata, when we win the lotto (not that I buy tickets, so it might be a bit tough) I will stay home and cook for you whilst studying some impressive and thought provoking degree. Of course, will need to keep working on Flitty’s cleaning skills because I’m not so keen on that part… perhaps attach a feather duster to her tail?



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