Who knew?

Until I started in this position, I didn’t really have any idea about Linkedin and thought it was a bit dodgy to be honest. It reminded me of when you walk past the wine bars on Oxford St with people who are far too drunk pretending to be far more knowledgable than they actually are about the alocholic grape-juice…

As a recuiter, I spend A LOT of time on linkedin trying to find people with suitable qualifications for jobs that I’m trying to fill. Some people I know personally, some I don’t.

What I didn’t know beforehand was that this is one of the EASIEST ways to get a new job. If you’re always ‘open to new opportunities for the right price’, all you need to do is put a little more detail onto your linkedin account.

Do you have a degree? How many years experience do you have in your current job? I can tell you, employers don’t have an issue with being proud of your achievements (in fact, most of your bosses will be on there themselves!).

Some of the best job opportunities we get have such specific criteria (for those of you who read previous posts) that linkedin makes my life easier and the person who we call to basically throw money at them to come to a dream job. Sound good?

So, the point of this post is to try to motivate you all to update your work history and anything else that makes you sound desirable. Not just for the benefit of recruiters like me but to give yourselves the chance to be headhunted for something you can’t be bothered getting off your bum and actually looking for!!

I can’t think of many people who wouldn’t be flattered by a phone call saying “You’re great and talented and we want you”. If you’re not into that, you’re weird.

That said, most people who aren’t interested in what we have to offer them (not in the telemarketer sense) are really chuffed we thought of them and let us know that now it’s not right but not to forget about them in 12 months time. Some even offer friends names who they know are hanging out for this kind of job (and who weren’t clever enough to get on linkedin).

How many times have you heard someone saying “I’d really like to get into xyz” but never do anything about it? Well, now all it takes is about 10 minutes that you can do on your laptop, or iPhone probably, and leave it there to float about the ether. Easy, no?

I don’t want to turn into too much of a Tim Shaw on you so I’ll leave my rant at that – but seriously, think about it…


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