A needle in a haystack.

I always ponder on what it would be like in a different industry doing recruitment – retail, trades, marketing.

Job skills are pretty transferable, I’ve always believed in giving someone a go and moulding them to what you want. Surely anyone with half a brain who’s willing to work hard can learn a new skill (depending).

I’m constantly astounded by the criteria that’s given by clients who want a job filled.

Location? Well, yes. I can understand.

Experience? Fair enough – though whether 2 years or 5 years will deem someone ‘unseeable’, I’m not so sure.

Degree? Look. For a surgeon, pharmacist or astrophysicist, I can understand. My beef is with jobs that require “any degree” relevant or not, to plop someone into the suitable catagory is beyond me. I know why they like it, but in truth, we all know a handful of people who drank and smoked (and scraped) their way through university with very little regard for the degree they completed. Why this person should be better suited to a person with more ‘hands on’ experience but no degree is ridiculous!!

I’ve always believed in having passion for what I do, people who are passionate spend their free time and a majority of their energy learning what they love. Someone who has read about it in books and heard about it from a spitting, dandruff-y lecturer who was in the workforce 15 years ago doesn’t qualify a better candidate for me.

But what can I do? I’m just the recruiter.

The frustration is when you’re given an obscure location, 5+ years experience, degree and very specific industry knowledge (i.e orthopaedic reconstruction) and nothing else will do! Well, that gives you about 15 people to talk with.

What do you think the chances are that you could find 3 potentials you’re happy with, the client is happy with AND the headhuntee actually is looking for a change. I’ll tell you – slim to none.

Welcome back from the long weekend 🙂



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