Mixed emotions.

Came in to work this morning after a training session feeling pretty good… was wondering what the last day of this whirlwind week would have in store for me?

It’s a long weekend in Sydney and I have NO plans. I’m stoked! Unless, of course, someone has a free trip to an exotic location they’re willing to offer…? It’s going to be sleep ins, a bit of latin dancing, a bay walk and some much needed quality time with my loved ones. And avoiding the temptation of red wine and cheesey foods.

It’s not even morning tea time and I’ve been up and down the lift of recruiter emotions. My newest BFF from yesterday’s post got through to a client interview. YAY! But I’m then kicked in the face with the ol’ “we’ve decided to go with a different candidate” chestnut. Talk about a bombshell, my guy interviewed at 5pm yesterday… how does that work?

So now comes the awkward phone calls and stumbling over words while I try to perfect my script of letting someone down gently. Not usually my style, I’m a “lance the boil” type. Maybe this is a sign for me to get back into my ‘recruiter 101 learning cds’ that yes, are informative but tend to become a bit mind numbing after hearing the same voice drone on for 90 minutes each track. Well, anyone who’s been to uni knows the joys of a bad lecturer! (Talk about using matchsticks to keep your eyelids from closing..)

So what are you up to this weekend? Has your week gone quickly too?

I’ve been having a real craving for churrascaria lately – 14 types of bbq’d meat. I can classify that as a high protein meal, right? Or maybe I can justify it by claiming it a commiseration meal for these distressing phone calls I have to make today…

However you do it, enjoy your weekend! I’ll be back on Tuesday.



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