Unexpected friends..

Just a quick post today as it’s been busy.

I met the most wonderful person today – it was strange because it was only over a phone interview but this candidate really touched my heart! We ended up on the phone for almost 90 minutes and I felt like we’d been lifelong friends. We talked about everything under the sun (including what I’d actually called for!) and she left me with the most amazing feeling when I finally hung up the phone.

Recruitment is such a strange industry – you become so attached to people you barely know. I have all my bits crossed for this candidate as she’s so perfect for the position and to be honest, I don’t know which of us would be more upset if she doesn’t get the role… I’m going to have to learn how to keep my emotions in check as you can’t please everyone all of the time and eventually, someone who has pinned their hopes on a position and on top of that really made a connection with me is not going to get the job. The sadness I feel for them is not what I need because, that’s life, really and sometimes what you think a client is looking for and what they actually are looking for (whether it’s even been stated) could be completely different things and unfortunately, they might not like the person you put forward for no reason other than “I don’t think they’ll fit with the team”.

What can you do about that? Nothing.

What can the candidate do about that? Nothing.

Either way, I’ll keep my enthusiasm and passion up and hope the wins outweigh the losses…




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