You’d be surprised…

So I stumbled across this last night while I was waiting for Sims 3 to load (yes, I know how sad I am but it’s so addictive!) and I was laughing so hard. Not necessarily because it was so ridiculous, which it also was, but because in less than a month, I’ve already experienced about half of them. Would you believe it? Neither did I.

Now, it seems pretty common sense that if you were heading in for an interview, no matter how menial and eye roll worthy the position is, you would try to make a good impression by putting on some ironed clothes, showing reasonable enthusiasm and displaying appropriate manners. Apparently, this is news to many.

The ‘character’ on theoatmeal who jumped out at me was ol’ mate rocking up in his undies because he was so over-confident of his skills. For those of you who know me personally, I’m pretty laid back and quite talkative. This gives some people a false sense of security and start joking around with me and acting like they’ve known me since primary school. I actually had one candidate this week who started poking fun of me due to the suburb I grew up in! What I don’t understand is that these people must either think a) I’m not making the decision to put them forward for a job or not and that their interaction with me depends on them getting the position. Or b) they honestly think their behavoir is appropriate in a professional environment. In this guy’s case, I think he may have just got a little carried away so I gave him the benefit of the doubt as he had good qualifications and had worked hard in the past with good references. I hope this doesn’t come back to bite me, the client will either love him or hate him.

The other eyebrow raiser I came across yesterday was individuals who haven’t grasped the idea that a potential employer (or someone who’s commission relies on putting forward good candidates) might google them or look up their facebook account. These individuals have no privacy settings installed so you can ‘investigate’ their social going-ons to your hearts content! One candidate had presented himself with good work experience and offered that he was a hard worker, reliable and a good egg, of sorts. After a quick check on facebook, it revealed he enjoyed wearing gorilla suits (ala his profile picture), swore like a sailor and the old gem, that he’d pulled a sickie today! Needless to say, he didn’t get the benefit of the doubt.

It doesn’t bother me what you do in your life outside work but just be aware that it may put you in a bad light to people who don’t yet know you. I do feel a bit bad for not giving this guy a chance as he may have turned up for an interview in a pristine suit, said all the right answers and blown me away with his character. Unfortunately, due to his lack of insight, and perhaps his gorilla suit, he didn’t even get a chance to fight his case.

Many people believe that the recruiter isn’t the one you need to impress, we’re not the client so therefore we’re not as important. The difference is our rent is payed with our judge of character, so I’m not going to be taking any chances to lose out when the choice should be easy. I really try to give the best chance to our candidates too, I tell them to come prepared with questions and relevant experiences, to wear a suit and turn up on time. I want you to get the job, you want to get the job so why would you shoot yourself in the foot?!

Thankfully, most candidates have been wonderful and these interactions really make my day. I grow atttached to them and cross my fingers that they will succeed above all others because I know how much getting this role means to them. My heart grows heavy when they don’t get the position or when they’ve spent too long waiting on an answer. I do my best to communicate my knowledge as soon as I can but it’s not always the case, sometimes I know as little as they do.. and the worst is when we get the call from the client saying “I’m sorry, another recruiter has put forward a candidate we’re going to go with”. And I’m left with an empty feeling and sad news to deliver to hopefuls.



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