Office life vs life on the road

When I started looking for a recruitment job, everyone was shocked that I would want to leave the ‘life on the road’ of a rep. All my repping friends rave on about the flexibilty of the hours, being able to enjoy the sunshine, never having to be stuck in one place all day etc etc.
Now, when it’s put like that, sure, it sounds pretty sweet but in honesty, I’ve found myself adjusting to life at my little desk quite enjoyable.

No one tells you about the days on the road when it’s bucketing down and you’re lugging an overfilled detail bag, trying to open an umbrella without bashing your car door into the Merc parked way too close beside you… Or what about those beautiful, sunshiney days? Thats when the car is stinking hot and you never drive far enough for the AC to cool anything down, my tinted moisturiser explodes and lippie melts into the console (that’s going to be fun to clean when I have to give the company car back). I also had the pleasure of repping in Sydney, driving along Parramatta Rd and the M4 everyday to get to work, to arrive 5 minutes late for my morning appointment with Dr. Crankypants who then decides he’s much too busy to see me though no one is even in the waiting room.

Ahh yes, and let’s not forget the soggy sandwiches and brown bananas that fall under the passenger seat when you have to slam the brakes on in your mobile office because you’re trying to get your call notes done at the end of the day while you’re stuck in a traffic jam due to a 3 car pile up and everyone else rubber-necking.

Not saying that office life is perfect. I now drive a second hand Camry that we have to actually *gasp* pay to fill the tank. And the insurance. And the registration. And the servicing… I have to share a train to and from work with stinky old men and irritating teens. I start work at 8:30 and I leave the office at 5:30, yes, even on a Friday. But you know what? I like it. I love having endless amounts of cold water available, I love having a clean toilet down the hall, I love that I have a fridge to keep my lunch in – or if I don’t feel like it, I know the food court is full of delights not 50m from my office!

Now – I have invested in a personal trainer to help me keep away from that food court… or if i do give in, he’ll slave drive it out of me… 😉


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