Insights since I’ve started…

So at an interview I was asked “What are you going to do on your first day as a recruiter?” As someone who’s worked in sales a while but having little to no knowledge of the true ‘day in the life of a recruiter’, I rummaged around in the cobweb ridden areas of my brain to figure out how I would get my desk up and running…
Needless to say, my answer wasn’t exactly the correct one and in honesty, felt a little blindsided as I’d applied for a rookie position in the hopes that I would be given a few ‘breadcrumbs’ to start me off.
Fortunately, I have been given those breadcrumbs and now wish for the opportunity to be asked that question again so I could blow the askee away with all the fathoms of information I could throw at him!!

Funnily, I read in a wonderful book “Dirty, Rotten Recruiter Tricks” that this industry is one of the rare ones that you can achieve the high heights without a qualification or credentials. It takes a certain kind of personality and a real hunger for success to get there and from what I’ve been told – there are many who fall in the battle for victory.

I’m determined to not be one of those. Give me all the knowledge, then I will have the power! I want to be the person people call when they have a need to fill because I’m that type who would put in the extra effort to give them what they deserve, not to just sling s**t at a screen and hope some of it sticks (excuse the french).

I hope that for anyone reading this, you’ll have to opportunity experience the rollercoaster that is recruitment with me. We can soar along for the good times and you can comfort me in the bad, well, at least I hope you will.

I’ll leave it for now as this week has started with a sprint! I’m envoking good karma so that it continues this way for the rest…


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