Bashing out a path…

Wow! What an overload of information  – just to get a blog happening..

Well, I’m sure I could have picked the fastest and most simple theme but surely part of being a blogger is to display your personality a little, right?

I’ve always considered myself pretty tech savvy, I’m even signed up on twitter and google+. Not that I know how to use either of them.

Linkedin has become my best friend, what a dream for recruiters (and job seekers alike)! It reminds me of when I first started repping, thinking “How did reps survive before GPS’s were around. Same deal goes for linkedin. Now, I know there’s plenty of other tips and tricks out there but diving headfirst into all the new technology makes me feel like I’m surrounding myself with all the other people who want to get stuck into it as soon as possible.

I’m a doer, and I like people who get stuff done. Surely the ‘early adopters’ are a perfect example of this…

You see the road, and you cross it.



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